Gasser Freeride is a Switzerland based company. We create every kind of planks for your action sport. From skis for deep powder to surfboard for kiteboarding. Every plank is designed and handmade in Switzerland.
Media Library & social media

As the brand photographer for Gasser Freeride I work with technical skiers in good conditions on or off the slopes. The Swiss quality and production by hand is the main focus of all the shots. The quality of the pictures represent the high-end quality of the product.

To show the media to a broader audience, we have an Instagram account and a local following which is interested in our production insights. 
the Story behind the plank

We are working with Swiss carpenter in our hometown. The wood is always selected by hand and sometimes also coming from the surroundings of our ski production. It is important to show the production of a ski step by step with every origin of resources.
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