LÄSSIX is a snowboard crew based in switzerland and consists of a tight group of friends. We shoot and ride together every day in the winter and summer. The concept is to have fun with your friends and create. We are also produce and export our own snow and skate collection through our website. 

We are really influenced from old snowboard movies. So, the idea to creating movies isn't far away. We published our first movie in autumn 2020 with Whiteout Magazine. Here you can see a little "stay tuned" for our short film "Stoked'n Broke" in 2022.

"Stay tuned for 2022 "Stoked and Broke"

nüt lässix​​​​​​​

Our first movie is called "Nüt Lässixs" and was published in 2020. The Movie was a recap of our season in 2018/19 and 2019/20. I started filming snowboarding in 2019, so it was my first bigger project in the snowboarding scene. 

We published it with WhiteOut magazine and wrote an article totgether with the WhiteOut Crew.​​​​​​​

"Nüt Lässixs" Trailer, Whiteout Magazine 2020"


Like every other crew we like merch. We have stickers, shirt, what ever a snowboarder dreams of. We want to collaborate with brands. LÄSSIX sees potential in the snowboard market and wants to make products which are focused on the snowboarders needs.
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