Taiga Hasegawa is the future full young gun of the Monster Energy Snowboard team. Taiga is the first Snowboarder who landed 1800s in all four directions. With three X Games participations, a world cup championship placement and recognized sponsors under 
his belt.
I had the pleasure to interview the new kid on the block from Japan and get a closer look into the often reserved characters of the snowboarding scene.

How was it to win your first Big Air gold medal in Kreischberg?
I was absolutely stoked when I won my first gold medal in Kreisberg! It was the moment when everything I had done up to that point paid off.
Did you celebrate your win at Kreischberg with a party due to the low drinking age here in Europe?
I was still to young to drink in Japan, so I didn’t had a party and just rested that day.
But I truly enjoy parties, so if someone invites me to one, I will attend for sure.
Speaking of big parties. How was your first participation at the X Games Knuckle Huck?
I was absolutely thrilled when I received the invitation for the Knuckle Huck. To be honest, I had never imagined that I would get the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious event like the XGames Knuckle Huck! Taking part in the Knuckle Huck turned out to be an incredible experience for me; it was not only a lot of fun, but it also opened up new horizons for my snowboarding abilities.
Hoping for an invite to compete again next year! Can’t wait to be back in action!
What is your new goal after landing all four directions of an 1800?
Having successfully landed all 4-ways of 1800s, my new goal is to achieve the same with 1980s. Nevertheless, I understand that snowboarding isn’t only about executing spins; I aspire to become a well-rounded rider capable of making low turns, mastering jibs, and riding in a stylish and captivating manner.

You slamed at the Laax Open so hard that you split your helmet in twice. How did you get that superpower to walk away of such a bail?
I think this is something I have learned through daily practice. My helmet broke during the Laax Open at a big slam, but God protected me and I was unharmed. 
I felt frustrated after my second run didn’t go as planned. However, I was surprised when I took off my helmet and realised that it was broken in two. When I got back to the start my anger and frustration was gone and God made me happy.
Despite the disappointment of that run, the best part was being stoked that I didn’t get hurt. Seriously, I’m so glad about that!
“the best part was being stoked that i didn’t get hurt”
This season was already filled with significant events and achievements.. What is your plan for the next season?
In the upcoming season, my goals are to snowboard the way I want to with great style and win in every competition I enter! 
Beyond the wins I want to be a cooler rider in general and improve my english.
There is a lot of powder in Japan. Are you looking forward to also put your skills to the test in the backcountry and videoprojects in the future?
In the future, as I progress my skills, I have a strong desire to put them to the test in the backcountry, streets and various other video projects.

Taiga Hasegawa - 29.07.2023

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